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Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips, Brown - 3 Pairs

Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips, Brown - 3 Pairs

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  • Saves the back of your heel from chafing and blistering
  • Features comfy padding and a supple suede leather cover
  • Prevents your foot from slipping out of your heels
  • Affixes to your heels with an odor-free adhesive
  • Includes three pairs (6) of brown heel grips | Made in Belgium

"Beauty is pain." The age-old adage rings true when you slip on your favorite heels, but it doesn't have to with the Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips.

These nifty, self-adhering pads can be affixed to the heel counter of your heels to prevent painful chafing and blistering. The ample padding and soft suede leather cover protect the back of your heels from abrasions, acting as a heavenly pillow between you skin and the often-stiff heel counter.

Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips doubly function to make that one pair of loose-fitting heels fit perfectly for a comfortable walk through the office and on the town.

Features a Brown color to blend in with your heel color.

Made in Belgium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dominica M.
Game changer!

I can now wear shoes that I've putten aside due to it being a bit too big. Already purchased more!

Jeri M.
quick fix for big shoes

Used these inside a pair of shoes that were a bit too large and helped a lot! I've started to wear the shoes regularly now

Morada S.
I can wear my shoes that I've forgotten about!

Just as described, these are like the softest pillows for your heels! Extremely easy to apply to your shoes/heels, prevents chafing and blistering, highly recommend these!

Ricarda B.
Discreet and comfortable

My youngest son's feet were a little too large for my husband's dress shoes so I bought these as a solution and they worked wonders! Don't let the title of the prdouct fool you, if you think they are only made for heels because they stuck and worked beautifully on dress shoes as well.