Our Company

Growing up in Germany, Sabine Cordes was surrounded by a culture that—while modern and ever-changing—held on to many of the time-honored ways of carrying oneself. An individual’s sense of style and the care one took to achieve their unique look particularly intrigued her. In 1995, she left for the US to enjoy what the country had to offer with just a passport and a impression of European style in her back pocket.

Upon moving to the US, Sabine found herself in a yet another culture rich in style and fashion. What she did not find were the premium shoe care products and tools that she had used when living in Europe. Knowing that she probably wasn’t alone in this demand for premium goods, Sabine began to import and wholesale her favorite shoe care products and tools to enthusiastic customers in the US. Thus, FootFitter was born.

With time comes experience and knowledge, and after 17 years of serving our customers, Sabine and our FootFitter team have built expertise in providing shoe care solutions. This expertise is what has motivated us to move on to the next chapter of our company as FootFitter, the brand. Using our experience and knowledge which we have gleaned from you the customer, we at FootFitter are determined to design, create, and offer the finest shoe care goods on whichever side of the Atlantic you walk.

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