FootFitter Reward Points

How do FootFitter Reward Points work?

The FootFitter Reward Points Program is how we reward our most loyal customers. For every dollar spent, you earn 4 reward points. On your next order, your accumulated reward points are converted to dollars that can be redeemed at checkout. (Note: Shipping charges do not earn reward points.)

  • $1 you spend = 4 reward points
  • 50 reward points used = $1 off your order (can use more than 50 points)

How do I get FootFitter Reward Points?
Sign in or create an account with FootFitter. Reward Points will be automatically added to your account when you place an order. You must be logged in at all times to earn and redeem Reward Points. You can log into your account at the following URL link: Account Login.

How do I redeem my Reward Points?
    1. Make sure you are logged into your account. You can log into your account at the following URL link: Account Login.
    2. Add your desired items to your shopping cart, and go to checkout.
    3. In the bottom right of any page, there will be a "Rewards" button. Go ahead and click on it.
    4. Choose "Ways to redeem" and "Redeem."
    5. Configure how many points you would like to use to apply to your order.
    6. Once you have your points configured, click "Redeem."
    7. A coupon code will automatically be applied to your cart. You will see your applied Reward Points below your Subtotal. Press Complete Your Order to finish.

Do the Reward Points ever expire?
      Your points never expire. They will only disappear when you apply them to your order.

Can I use my rewards points with Promo/Coupon Code?
      Yes, you certainly can. (Those would definitely be some excellent savings!)

Terms of Use
  • Reward Points have no monetary value. They cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • You must log in to your account and make your purchase online to earn Reward Points.
  • Reward Points cannot be applied to past orders.
  • Reward Points cannot be transferred between accounts.
  • Reward Points are earned on the subtotal of your order. Shipping and Tax do not earn Reward Points.
  • If you are redeeming Reward Points on an order, the remainder of the order which is paid via Credit Card, PayPal, or Check/Money Order is eligible to continue earning Reward Points.
  • We may alter this policy or terminate the Reward Points program at our discretion without notice. If this happens, current points can still be redeemed, but no new points will be earned.