FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray



  • Penetrates the leather for easy stretching
  • Spray the inside or outside of your shoes or boots, then insert a FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretcher
  • 4 fl. oz. or 32 fl. oz. bottle
  • Note: This product is prohibited from being shipped internationally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
MJ Holt
Happy Feet...NOW!!!

Amazing!!!...It WORKED!!! Using both the boot stretch spray plus the foot fitter shoe stretcher*...(following directions & with the stretcher left in overnight)...I was so surprised the next morning when I tried on my favorite boots...which I haven't been able to wear for years...& they actually fit...just that little bit of stretch did it for me...I'll be doing 3 more pairs...YAY! Thanks so much to FootFitter!!
* = bunion on the right foot only was the issue...ugh!

Dave Dotterer

FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray

Michael Kunert

I bought a pair of boots for work and they tore my feet up. Doing some research I came across the FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher Set - Pair of Boot Stretcher as well as the Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray. They work perfectly! Stretched my boots where I needed them. Great investment.

Linda Schneider-Zent

The FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray works so well. It has no odor and allows you to further stretch your shoe(s) as time progresses. FootFitter products are of excellent quality. The shoe stretcher itself is so beautifully made.

Nathaniel Cook
Worked really well!

I have a pair of boots that were just not breaking in, but with the spray and boot stretchers, they’re perfect now! Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews

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