FootFitter Cedar Shoe Tree for Men, Full Toe Block and Wide Hook Heel, Aromatic Shoe Shaper - LE11

SKU: 102-001-01

$25.00 $26.00

  • A deluxe cedar shoe tree that keeps your shoes moisture free

  • Cedar wood toe block contoured to fit the natural shape of your shoe

  • Wood absorbs moisture and slits in toe block allow for ventilation

  • Overhand heel block makes for comfortable, controlling grip

  • Natural cedar scent keeps shoes smelling fresh


    Customer Reviews

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    Thomas W.
    Very good item. Snug fit

    Very good item. Snug fit keeps shoes from losing shape and the fresh cedar scent is great !

    Dan S.
    Comparable to Stratton

    These things are great. My shoes were wrinkling up and just not holding their shape. Used these and they are like new again. Holds shape amazingly well, spring keeps the back of the shoe nice, smells great and keeps my shoes from smelling funky, and they just look amazing! It's top dollar for a great price.

    Nick G.
    Best! No comparison

    These are terrific! They are so much better than the expandable one size fits all shoe trees. Perfect fit everytime.

    John I.
    Excellent shoe tree from Footfitter

    Very well made! They fit well and are easy to insert and remove. Over the years I have buoght abd used multiple pairs of shoe trees from different manufacturers that do not fit well nor are they easy to insert/remove. I plan to replace all of them with the FootFitter lord edward cedar shoe tree.

    Brian P.
    I would recommend these to anyone.

    I really like these shoe trees. I bought a nice pair of leather boots and wanted them to last long. Through trial and error i came across these. At first I hesitated because of the bad experience I had with cheap shoe trees i had bought before. When they arrived i was impressed by the product packaging. It was a nice box with information as opposed to a random product from china in a blank plastic bag. I took the advice of another reviewer when i put them in my boots. They go in easy if you put the front part in 1st, then push down to slide them in easier. Fits nice and snug to hold the shape of my boots. Verified Reviews Badge
    Verified Reviews

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