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FootFitter Genuine Bull Horn Shoe Horn, 6.4"

FootFitter Genuine Bull Horn Shoe Horn, 6.4"

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  • Authentic 100% bull horn
  • Patterns and color vary due to natural material
  • Gorgeous polished finish
  • Convenient hanging strap for storage and handling
  • Length: 6.4"

FootFitter Genuine Bull Horn Shoe Horn is made of 100% real bull horn. Bull horn is a beautiful material that becomes pliable when heated. Because it is a natural material, it has a unique feel to it and looks beautiful when polished and finished. Due to the nature of the material, the patterns and color range will vary from one to the next. Comes with a convenient leather strap for easy storage.

Note: Using shoe horns will help prolong the life of your shoes by keeping the heel from breaking down each time you put your shoes on.
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  • Slide on Shoes with Ease

    At 6" this shoe horn is perfectly sized for use while sitting, allowing you to slip on shoes without bending over. The smooth finish allows for a comfortable, seamless glide.

  • 100% Natural Bull Horn

    Crafted from genuine bull horn, each piece boasts unique patterns and colors, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory. Lightweight and comfortable to use, this shoe horn combines natural elegance with practical functionality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jacob K
Don’t trust the pictures

What you think you’re getting is a beautiful shoe horn made from bull horn, what you actually get is a shoe horn that’s transparent and looks like it’s made from plastic. When you email the company you get no response, take your money elsewhere.

Shirley Bronston

Great !

William Cronin
High Quality

Shoe horn is very high quality, authentic
Horn. Great value for the price! Definitely recommend this product!

Mary Palmer
Fits in my purse

Who could love a shoehorn, right? I have three pair of shoes I love but are a bit tough to get on. I especially worried about this problem when going for a massage, to the gym or anywhere I’d have to remove my shoes. This lightweight strong shoehorn is absolutely perfect for these moments. So glad I found it here at Foot Fitters.


FootFitter Genuine Bull Horn Shoe Horn, 6.4"