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FootFitter Boot Instep Stretcher & Vamp Raiser - BV11/BV21

FootFitter Boot Instep Stretcher & Vamp Raiser - BV11/BV21

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If the top of your boots are feeling a little snug, then the FootFitter Boot Instep Stretcher & Vamp Raiser is the tool for you. This specially-designed boot stretcher frees up space in the instep or vamp (the area behind the toe box) of your boots. It alleviates pressure and chaffing at the top of your foot and ankle.

This stretcher features sturdy stainless steel hardware, and the blocks are made from German beechwood, so you know this tool can withstand the test of time without damaging your boots.

The FootFitter Boot Instep Stretcher & Vamp Raiser will work on leather boots, Chukka boots, and flat-ankle boots. Use the FootFitter Boot Instep Stretcher & Vamp Raiser to put an end to tight-fitting boots.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
EB Harvey
Easy Boot Fix!!

Sometimes you just have to know a few tricks of the shoe business! I could take my boots to the shoe repair and have them charge me every time or I could purchase and do it myself. If you have a foot injury it is worth the investment because your going to have to do this with each boot/shoe. Need to get that 1/4 or 1/2 size added to one boot/shoe. I must add they were fantastic with their service as I initially ordered the wrong stretcher but they fixed it and I recommend them!!!

Gerald Matte
Gerald Matte

Really liked the instep vamp stretched, but I ordered the wrong size, I initially ordered a men's medium but I wear a B width, so I returned the men's medium in exchange for a women's more narrow stretcher.

Rebecca D Stivers
Boot instep stretcher

I used the instep stretcher as soon as I received it, and it works great! Thanks for a good product .

Mary M Winn

I’m very happy to be now able to tweak the fit of my expensive boots.

Daniel Milwicz
Patience is key

The stretcher worked after 4 days use saving my $200 boots from donation to Goodwill. Two modification were needed to make the device work. First I applied sticky rubber tape ( the kind that stops rugs from slipping) to the bottom of the stretcher to prevent it from slipping back toward the heel of the boot. Secondly, I inserted a small block of wood behind the stretcher to keep it from spinning while expanding tightening.