Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips, Grey - 3 Pairs

SKU: 203-010-32


  • Keeps the back of your heel from chafing and blistering

  • Made with comfy padding and a supple suede leather cover

  • Prevents your foot from slipping out of your heels

  • Sticks to your heels with an odor-free adhesive

  • Includes three pairs (6) of grey heel grips | Made in Belgium


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Josephine D.
    best investment ever!

    they worked wonders for my heels! The suede leather padding seems like they are of quality material which will allow the grips to last a long time.

    Alexa B.
    Had some brand new heels that were slipping…

    My boyfriend wanted to wear these specific dress shoes for a wedding but they were too big for him and the store only carried one pair. I told him to buy it and there should be a way to fix it. I was looking around and found that FootFitter had these (I bought a couple of their shoe stretchers)! He tried it out and he said he can wear the shoes extremely comfortably now! Thank you FootFitter!

    Fredricka G.
    Not just for high heels

    Really well made products! The color was subtle, therefore, it is unnoticeable. They fit perfectly in the heel portion of my heels and makes them much more comfortable! My heels thank you!

    Denice F.
    Unnoticeable and good fit!

    If your shoes/heels do not have a lot of padding and it causes blistering and chaffing. Please please please invest into these! These are amazing!! Your heels with thank you

    Carla V.
    quality heel grips

    The glue is strong so you do not have to worry about it falling off after application. The material is very comfortable (suede leather I believe). Overall great quality product, would recommend

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