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Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips, Tan - 3 Pairs

Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips, Tan - 3 Pairs

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  • Saves the back of your heel from chafing and blistering
  • Made with comfy padding and a supple suede leather cover
  • Prevents your foot from slipping out of your heels or shoes
  • Sticks to your heels with an odor-free adhesive
  • Includes three pairs (6) of tan heel grips | Made in Belgium

If you love wearing heels, then you'll love Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips. These self-adhering pads stick to the heel counter of your favorite pair of heels and protect your Achilles tendon from painful blistering and chafing. Each pad is constructed with supple padding and covered with silky smooth suede leather.

Heel Lovers Suede Leather Heel Grips are also a useful accessory for those heels or shoes that fit a little looser than desired. The protruding padding of the heel grips locks your heel into the heel counter to prevent up and down movement.

Features a Tan color to blend in with your heel color.

Made in Belgium
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Catherine Hayden
Comfort achieved!

Successfully eased the tightness in leather and suede shoes; I’m very happy with the results.

Lea B.
Works as expected

Perfect! Took my amazing deal shoes from a 7 to a 6.5! They are so soft and worked perfectly!

Sinecia S.
At least a half size difference!

An awesome solution for heels that are a little too big. Easy to apply, cannot be seen, a great staple product to have

Tushan G.
Great fit!

Kept my feet from sliding out of my heels so it really worked for me. I would buy them again

Yong W.
Awesome solution for heels that are too big

provides support for the heels! Love these better than any others I've tried.